For a haven of absolute luxury and rest, head over to Koh Samui, the cosmopolitan melting pot of Thailand. Koh Samui has the most perfect postcard beaches with invigorating views of sparkly waters and white sands. With vast expanses of undisturbed shorelines, tourists come flocking to it with wanderlust from all over the world.

Unleash the adrenaline junkie in you with underwater diving among the rich aquatic life in the virgin coral reefs while sea turtles and colorful schools of fish swim past you.

The deserted Ang Thong Marine Park sets the stage for kayaking, hiking and wild exploring luring marine enthusiasts to Koh Samui for a dive in the emerald waters.

Discovered around the late 1800’s the island of Koh Samui became a haven for fishermen, sailors and sea traders who would use the island as a place to shelter from storms and high seas as they sailed across the Gulf of Thailand.

It was these same fishermen and sea traders, who were mainly of Chinese and Malay origin, that became some of the earliest settlers on Koh Samui. One of the main reasons they were attracted to the island was because of its rich natural beauty and wealth of natural resources, which included luscious vegetation, exotic fruits and plentiful stocks of fish and other wildlife.

Some people believe that the word ‘Samui’ actually derives from the Chinese word ‘Saboey’, which when translated means ‘safe haven’.

Take date night up by a notch with various themed restaurants around Koh Samui.

Some Highlights

  • Be it a candle lit date by the rocks, or a date in a tree house overlooking the city’s skyline, Koh Samui has the perfect setting for a date with your loved one.
  • Like the rest of the Kindowm, Koh Samui too has its fair share of street markets along the roads. With varying menus at extremely pocket friendly rates to fine dining, exotic sea food with homely Thai spices and flavors are served fresh, all night long.
  • Some popular eateries offering classic Thai dishes are ‘Cafe 69’ and ‘H Bistro’.
  • Koh Samui’s party hub is Chewang where as soon as the sun goes down, neon lights flash all over the place transforming this laid-back settlement into one that is thumping to the beats of loud music.
  • If a silent drink by the beach suits you better, that too is taken care of by the lovely beachside shacks and pubs.

Until very recent history, Koh Samui was unknown to most tourists, which has helped preserved the rustic vibes of this serene island. Various attractions at Koh Samui like the grand Buddhist shires, mysterious waterfalls, exotic forests and undiscovered mini islands leave its explorers filled with awe time and again.

Some Highlights

  • Ang Thong National Marine Park is a cluster of islets that can be easily reached by boat from the Koh Samui mainland. Its colourful topography is a cocktail of thick forests, sandy white beachs, hidden caves, limestone peaks, azure-like lakes and dense mangroves with lush tropic fauna will make your trip to this marine park unforgettable.
  • The northern coast of Koh Samui earned its name as the Big Buddha Beach due to the presence of the contemporary Buddhist shires that are built along the coast, the most well-known one having the elegant golden Buddha standing 12 meters tall, surrounded by smaller, gilded Buddhas. Right around the corner, the vibrant Wat Plai Laem prides an idol of the 18-arm Guanyin- the goddess of mercy. Another important temple is Wat Khunaram, is an extremely sacred monument as the mummified body of the monk Luang Pordaeng rests there.
  • The majestic cascades of Namuang Waterfalls are one of the most prized gems of Koh Samui. Surrounded by tropical greens on all sides, the view of this waterfall is splendid. A hike through the enormous purple rocks and thick bushes leads you down to a pool with lukewarm water that charms you to take a dip in it.
  • A few moments of meditation in the pristine Secret Buddha Garden are enough to feel reenergized. Buried in the hills of Koh Samui this forgotten garden is the ideal spot for some self-reflection.
  • Three of Thailand’s signature cabaret shows are performed in Koh Samui. These flamboyant shows performed by the lady-boy artists take place in cozy arrangements in Koh Samui, unlike in other places where they are of a Broadway-style.
  • Another trademark of Thai entertainment is the Muay Thai Fight Nights which take place in a dramatic boxing arena. Professional Thai and foreign fighters compete in this dangerous yet graceful martial art.