Travel is an extremely low margin and fiercely competitive business. The transactions done with us and paid for do not mean that the entire sum paid accrues to us. We retain a thin margin, paying off most of the collected amount to hotels, towards accommodation, to attractions towards ticket costs or to vehicle providers for transfer fare etc. Whatever little remains, goes towards maintaining our staff, resources and other commercial expenses.

Therefore please bear in mind that our liabilities are always limited to the scope of our slim margins earned. We work with many service providers to ensure you have a wonderful experience while we do all the coordination and bring you the entire act as one piece. Should any of these components not deliver to your satisfaction, we diligently resolve it as your interest bearers. Though given our scale of business and influence within our suppliers most of issues are well settled to satisfaction. In case of disputes requiring financial compensation and settlements the amount cannot be greater than that paid for the specific component of the service, like hotel or transfers etc.

Incase of issues with hotels and accommodation, we help you put your case to such parties and they are in best situation to directly resolve with you, our role is that of a booker and over all coordinator always. We help you get your point across with hotels and accommodation providers as their direct customers.

Apart of this disclaimer, terms and conditions are specific to the package or services you buy from us and are mentioned on the respective product page. These terms and conditions define cancellation terms, usage terms like check in & check out, kids & pets policies, smoking constraints etc. Should you be in doubt with regards to any possible terms or usage constraints, please do write to us at and we will clarify and help you get peace of mind prior to your travel starting off.