Thailand Lake

Increasingly time for leisure is assuming critical importance in the daily lives of people, and the world of travel is expanding. However travel management infrastructure finds it hard to catch up with aspiration of new age travellers. Thus was born the idea of Travstore, the platform which facilitates travel and adds enriching experiences to its customers.

Travstore started out as a destination manager for Thailand – Asia’s foremost inbound destination. Our engaging itineraries coupled with our deep focus on customer care allowed us to build a powerful network of travel agents that use Travstore’s services for Thailand. In due course, Travstore invested in technology and partnered with other destination companies to bring forth to its travel agents, a global inventory for hotels, tours and transfers on an online platform.

Today over 2000 travel agents transact with Travstore and use various services like our B2B online platform, MICE services, tailor made FIT services; and seek our assistance in running special interest tours for their clients.

Today Travstore is a fast growing Asian destination manager, with specialised focus on Thailand, Indo-China and UAE. Travstore is also an online wholesaler of global non-air travel inventory with its focussed distribution in Middle East, Indian Subcontinent & ASEAN region.

Travstore of today has a strong two pronged focus: We are deeply passionate about creating our own proprietary travel products and we are continually refining our technology for the best B2B distribution of our own as well as other third party travel products.

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