Krabi, in southern Thailand is known for its lush forests, idyllic islands, and limestone cliffs. Buddhist shrines still used by local monks are tucked into the chambers of the town’s top attraction, Tiger Cave.

The riverside pier links travellers with ferries and longboats to the best scuba diving, rock climbing and white sand beaches on the coast.

The hotspot for adventrure sports, Krabi is the place to be to get your adrenalin pumping.

Some Highlights

  • Witness the true feel of a tropical island just off the Krabi coast at Ao Nang with the Four Islands. Offering a range of fun activities like snorkeling, swimming and sun bathing, the Four Islands are in the vicinity of Krabi and are extremely cost effective. Experience the marvel of the changing colors of the sea that are believed to form a bright turquoise ring of water around the Islands on a sunny day with a gradient of deep blue as the seafloor drops away to deeper water. The Four Islands are definitely worth being at the top of your bucket list!
  • Explore Thailand’s rich culture on kayaks over narrow rivers under gorgeous limestone gaves through dense, wild mangroves. Along the way study the archaeological treasures of artifacts and cave paintings and take a sail down Thai history as you drift into the marvel that is the Tham Khao Wong lagoon.
  • Krabi prides more than 32 diving sites and many more snorkeling spots along the 160 kilometer coastline meeting the vast Andaman Sea. It is the perfect getaway for water babies and those with a love for sea life. The Krabi coast has a rich aquatic life with magnificent corals, pinnacles of stalagmites and stalactites and underwater caves. . Leopard sharks, turtles, and even dolphins are regular occupants of these emerald waters.
  • Get up-close and personal with the lush marine life as you kayak through the islands clear blue waters. From the many companies offering kayaking tours, opt for one practicing eco-tourism to discover and explore various sea caves and national parks. While sunbathing on the serene beaches is a given for any trip to Krabi, kayaking on the still waters is a must.
  • Explore the white water rapids of the rivers of Krabi and experience a pure adrenaline rush in this extreme sport. Owing to its low level of difficulty, this sport can be enjoyed by children as young as those of 6 years too.

Susaan Hoi is home to fossils that are approximately 40 million years old, becoming one in three places, the others being USA and Japan, where such kind of fossils are found. This came into being after the limestone deposits in the area, which at that time was a massive swamp, covered and fossilized shellfish, snails and varities of other sea creatures creating slabs of intricate geological relics. These relics are now found in the form of large broken sheets of limestone on the seashore at Laem Pho.

Some Highlights

  • Wat Kaewkorawaram is a beautiful temple in the centre of Krabi town and is definitely worth a visit. Its walls are painted with bright, cheerful colours and it is a lovely site for taking photos. With a big golden Buddha statue, this temple gives off a laid back and relaxed aura.
  • Thung Teao Forest Natural Park Krabi is the perfect destination for nature lovers of all kinds. Its varied topography has something in store for everyone. The Thung Teao Forest National Park is a virgin rainforest brimming with exotic wild animals and dense tropical foliage. But, the park’s Crystal Lagoon surely steals the show. Its aquamarine waters are perfect for a relaxed swim, and one can spend hours there lounging while surrounded by the wildlife. This spot is even perfect for birdwatchers as it houses a variety of exotic birds.
  • Klong Thom district in the south of Krabi province is a hot tourist attraction (pun intended) due to the presence of natural hot springs. These springs are supplied by water from underground volcanic chambers and are rich in mineral salts that have healing properties. They are known to cure a number of ailments, especially those of the skin. Known as Nam Tok Rawn in Thai, this hot spring can be found in the heart of the forest and has fresh water at an amiable 35-40C. Laze around in the water and let the salts soak into your skin. No bathtub or Jacuzzi back home can relax you in a better way than this!
  • Almost as if a grand entrance to Krabi city, Khao Khanap Nam at 100 meters is a twin mountain resting on the banks of the river Maenam Krabi. Just like other parts of Krabi, Khao Khanap Nam too is adorned with caves of stalactites and stalagmites. It is said that in the recent history, a flood washed out the settlements in the area, the proof of which is a number of human skeletons that are found lying around. Visitors can further trek into the mangrove jungles of Khao Khanap  Nam or even explore the fisherman village of Klang Island.
  • The island of Koh Lanta which is a short boat ride away from Krabi is the perfect little island group with an assortment of activities of all types of tourists. Being a relatively isolated island, it is the perfect getaway for those craving peace or privacy. Spend hours tanning at the beach or get a traditional Thai massage or dine with the locals, theirs is something for everyone. The water sports like kayaking and diving are a must at Koh Lanta.
  • Khao Ngon Nak or Dragon Crest Mountain is famous among trekkers and hikers for its breathtaking trails. While the trail itself has a lot to explore and boasts streams and waterfalls, the summit offers a view of the beautiful foliage and wildlife that surrounds it, and is a great opportunity for photographers. The highlight of the trail is the viewpoint from where Hong Island, Koh Kha Ya and Yao Island are all visible at once. In its vicinity is the Ao Nang beach which again has many exciting spots to explore.

With preparations of classic cocktails and mocktails served in special bamboo glasses and a variety of food stalls serving food like barbecued fish, steamed crabs and the Thai special sweets called Kanom, Krabi Town Walking Street is an absolute bargain with unending choices.

Some Highlights

  • At the fall of dusk Chao Fah Pier, which during the day is a parking lot for vehicles, transforms into a 200 meter long road filled with stalls selling food and drinks. It is highly recommended for food lovers to visit this night market which offers a variety of preparations to the locals as well as tourists. Being authentically local, this night market makes some of the best Thai cuisine and it is a great treat to one’s taste buds. Located at a river bank, it is a perfect dining spot which is visited by fresh, cool breezes. It may seem chaotic and crowded, but is a must for the authentic Thai experience. Each stall is unique and has something special and undoubtedly flavorful for its customers.
  • The Phra Nang Cave at Railay is flanked with a few long tail boat food stalls that serve many types of food. They are especially famous for their Thai style fast-food which is prepared fresh and served at pocket-friendly prices. Shrimp and chicken fried rice, phad Thai and mango sticky rice are some dishes that are greatly appreciated.

Krabi Town Walking Street is a weekend market held in Southern Thailand and offers a peek into the life of the indigenous artists and artisans who earn their living from the good sold in this market.

Clothes, bags and jewelry are popular products that are found at cheap bargains in these markets and can be taken back home as mementos for loved ones. The highlights of this market are pearl jewelry and pop-art paintings made by local markets. As shopping and food go hand in hand, this night market would be incomplete without the numerous stalls of tasty grub.

Ao Nang Market is the most popular market in Krabi as it sells a wide range of items like souvenirs, false branded watches and clothes and even furniture and ornaments of gold and precious gems. Leaving the department stores, bargaining is a must at these stalls to buy the items at mind-blowingly low prices. Many massage and beauty parlors stay open till late night, and the market has many restaurants selling tempting and delicious BBQ seafood post evening.

Places to Visit

  • Tourists are seen flocking to Phi Phi Island owing to the spectacular view it offers. Where its white sandy beaches lined up with rustic long tail boats against the turquoise blue waters and grand limestone cliffs suit the traveller seeking relaxation, the dazzling coral reefs entice those adventure junkies. As for the beach bums, Maya Bay and the unique Monkey Beach are brimming with an exciting nightlife and are also perfect for dives among an array of sea life.
  • The James Bond Island earned its name after being featured in the James Bond movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ and became famous worldwide. Being one of the most distinguished landmarks in the Phang Nga Bay it witnesses a high influx of tourists. The presence of a number of elegant sheer limestone cliffs that stand beside the beryl-like seas add to the islands uniqueness and make it a hotspot for sailing and kayaking. Tourists often combine tours to James Bond Island with a visit to the other popular islands like Ko Phi Phi and Four Islands.
  • The Tiger Cave Temple, located in northeast Krabi is one of the largest and most sacred Buddhist temples in the province. The highlight of this temple is the steep climb of 1237 steps at the height of almost 600 meters to the summit where the splendid statue of the Golden Buddha is mounted. Since a footprint of Buddha himself is found in the temple, it is visited by pilgrims from across the whole country. Another striking feature of the temple is the view it offers, as one can see a panoramic view of Krabi from the peak. The newly built temple tower, Chedi, too is located here.
  • The small hamlet of Bor Thor is well known for its collection of rivers, inlets and limestone caves.