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Two different side of Thailand – Racha Island & Kanchanaburi

This travel diary is of Mr. Srikanth & Family, who went to an altogether off beat vacation in Thailand covering Racha Island & Kanchanaburi. These guest had approached us for planning their family vacation. They had already been to Thailand in the past & hence they did not want to do the same things they did in their last vacation. They wanted to explore new horizons, but at the same time were seeking to spend some good quality time with their family, relaxing & rejuvenating.

Beautiful View of Racha Island
Racha Island – Travstore tours

Travstore suggested 3 Nights in Racha island & 3 Nights in Kanchanburi.

Racha island is demi blue paradise on earth with pristine white sand beaches & lush blue tranquil ocean. This place is straight out of fairly tale, a place where ‘Happily Ever After Starts’, a place where you are ready to abandon your life style as soon as you get on the speed boat for the island.

Racha island is situated in Andaman Sea, some 12 km south of Phuket. Its known as one of the best sites for diving and snorkelling. This island can be easily accessed from Phuket. It takes roughly 45 minutes to 70 minutes (depending on the traffic) to reach Chalong Pier. From Pier there are Speedboats which takes you to the Island. The speed boats takes roughly 45 mins in normal weather conditions to reach the island. Considering the specific requirements of our guest, we had chosen, ‘The Racha Resort’ an eco-luxury beach resort fringed by the powdery sands of Batok Bay. This was a perfect holiday resort for our guest.

Beautiful view of river in Kanchanaburi
Kanchanaburi – Travstore tours

The resort features 85 luxurious villas along with various activities that are held for the guests to choose & pick from. By day you can learn everything from Thai cookery to craft making to diving in the Andaman. While evenings can be spent enjoying the cocktails & beaches, the dinner offers the opportunity to gaze the beautiful stars from any of the resort’s three signature restaurants.

Beautiful Waterfall in Kanchanaburi
Waterfall in Kanchanaburi – Travstore tours

Our guests had taken a connecting flight to Phuket from Mumbai via Bangkok. When they reached Bangkok airport,they got their visas on arrival. Mr. Shrikanth had done a pre visa process back in India which enabled them to bypass the queue (Online Visa Application for Thailand).  Since the flight for Phuket was behind scheduled, our guests decided to take a quick bite at the airport restaurants. In the hustle & bustle of the connecting flight, one of our guest lost their bag which contained many gadgets & necessary documents.

Our guest arrived at Phuket & informed us about their lost bag. The movement we got to know about the mishap, our ground handling team got in action & connected with the Lost & Found department in Bangkok. In the mean time, we assisted our guest to proceed to Chaong Pier from Phuket. Our representatives guided the family to board a speed boat from Chaong Pier, that help them reach The Racha Island.

Racha resort has its own fleet of speed boat, one can share speedboat with other travellers but the only constraint is that it runs on fixed schedule. One can also avail private speedboat services to reach Racha Resort, but it comes in with an extra cost.


Beautiful View of Racha Island
Racha Island – Travstore tours

In-spite of the initial hiccups in Bangkok, our guests finally reached the destination and checked in to the resort to relax, unwind & leave the mundane city life behind.




After 3 days of indulging in various activities like cycling, cooking, yoga, sightseeing & snorkelling, it was time to plunge into another offbeat destination, Kanchanaburi. The guest reached Bangkok & there we had held a surprise for them. Our team was able to locate their bag along with their belongings. Our guest thanked us & were happy for the fact they got all of their belongings.


From Bangkok airport the guest boarded our transfers for the floating town of Kanchanaburi.

Kanchananburi has a very old history & tales to talk  about The World War 2. Today the provincial town of Kanchanaburi is busy and modern, but the WWII memorials and museums are a reminder of darker times. Japanese forces used Allied prisoners of war (POWs) and conscripted Asian labourers to build a rail route to Myanmar. The harrowing story became famous after a fictional tale, based loosely on the real events, was told in Pierre Boulle’s book The Bridge Over the River Kwai and the 1957 movie based on the book. Roads east of the bridge are named after countries involved in the conflict.

For our guests, we had selected River Kwai Resotel that lies on the lazy river named Kwai, which still stands test of time & offers the same experience as in the pasts.

We booked a boat which took them to jungle rafts restaurants, which has its own kind of experience.

Enjoy the Indian Food made by you in Kanchanaburi
Indian Cooking in Kanchanaburi

Our guests were feeling nostalgic & craving for Indian food, so the hotel allowed our guest to cook food as per their requirements.

The happy family !!

Since Indians always miss their home food, the chef volunteered to prepare Indian cuisine for our guests.  It was a wonderful gesture from the Kwai Resotel staff.

On the last day in Kanchanaburi ,we had arranged a visit  to  Saiyoke Yai waterfall & Lawa cave for our guests.
Beautiful Waterfall in Kanchanaburi
Waterfall in Kanchanaburi – Travstore tours
 After 3 Nights stay in Kanchanaburi, the guests left from Bangkok to return to Mumbai carrying a plethora of amazing memories & experiences.
Beautiful View of Racha Island
Racha Island – Travstore tours

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