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Travstore suggest’s 18 Awesome things to do In Pattaya when Travelling with Kids


A whacky water park located at the outskirts of the Pattaya city offers fun & zaniness of Cartoon Network characters There is something here for everybody, if you are a parent you can venture into the beachfront; if you have kids below 11 years of age then the cartoonival area features slides, waterfalls & pools to mess around

& if you are the one who enjoys the adrenaline rush then there are some awesome rides that should not be given a miss like the Ben10 Omintrix, Goop Loop, Mega Wave & much more..

Ben 10 Omnitriz
Ben 10 Omnitrix
Goop Lopp
Goop Loop

As the name says, Mini Siam is a park which offers 100 miniature recreations of famous places around the world & obviously Thailand. The entire place is in the midst of the beautiful gardens & lovely water features with plenty of opportunity to take selfie’s from your phone.

Mini Siam 5

Mini Siam 2

Mini Siam 3


The most famous TV show has a museum located in the Royal Garden Plaza Mall, Pattaya. Ripleys offers the consumers a variety of activities to try & choose. For eg. – there is

  • Luis Tussauds – similar to Madamme Tussauds is a was museum having statues of famous personalities
  • Sky Rider – A stationed hot air balloon that offers the beautiful  view of the city
  • Ripley’s museum – which shares an abundance depth of facts & knowledge
  • Scream in the Dark – A fun haunted house by Ripleys where you can walk through the room & take a haunted tour
  • The Vault – A fun activity where you have to pass the maze of lasers

Ripley’s-Believe-it-or-not-scream 6

Ripley believe it or not museum 2


Newly launched, Ramayana waterpark is the Thailand’s biggest water park with a total size of approx 18000sqm ( a size of around 700 tennis courts). This place offers 50 unique & breath taking slides & attractions.  So enjoy some bumps & jumps at this whacky place.

Ramayana Water Park
Ramayana Water Park

One of the oldest attraction of Pattaya, a beautiful park located in 70 acre piece of land.

The stone park has a million year old petrified trees along with Thai styled & shaped trees. There are beautiful garden containing rare flower & bonsai plants spread across, that have even won some accolades.


The crocodile farm is huge & massive where you can watch the fascinating yet dangerous crocodile shows, go for crocodile fishing i.e learn how to feed the crocodiles or simply explore the majestic creatures.


Underwater world pattaya is one of the best aquariums built in the city. It is a 100 meter long tunnel having a collection of more than 5000 fishes offering ultimate marine experience to people across the age group.

The aquarium is divided into three zones

  • Coral Reef Zones which exhibits rare beautiful fishes & colourful corals
  • Open Ocean Zone where you get to discover the furious sharks, the gigantic manta rays & much more. You can also dive & get the glimpse of your favorite marine creatures at this bay.
  • Giant of Siam Zone has a sunken ship which is home to various marine animals like the butterfishes & the groupers.

The aquarium also has “World of Jelly Fish” zone having around 200 creatures kept in tanks with colourful lightings that accentuates the beauty of the jellyfish.Experience the Underwater World Pattaya


One of the oldest park in the city built in 1985, this is a cute little water park specially meant for kids. Beautiful location touching the Jometium beach has rides one can splash into or simply dive into the pool.


Also known as “The Wooden Castle”, is a temple made out of wood measuring 100m in height. It has beautifully carved wooden sculptures made from teak wood & are attached to the main structure without using nails.

The Beautiful View of Sanctuary Of Truth
Sanctuary Of Truth

The place depicts a fantastic piece of art coupled with interesting activities like elephant ride, horse rides, traditional dance shows, foot massages & much more.

sanctuary_of_truth_pattaya 4


It is one of the biggest themed botanical garden in Southeast Asia. Initially it was a private garden owned by Nong Nooch which later opened its door to the public in 1980 & is now a popular tourist attraction managed by the new generation. There are two lovely things you will like about the place

  • The first is the perfectly crafted use of the terrain that offers an amazing view of their topiary masterpieces.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden 4

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden 2

  • The second is the herds, flocks, colonies, packs of clay animals integrated throughout the various garden theme.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden 3


One of the well known & popular attraction of Pattaya. The floating market is divided into four zones each selling goods from four major parts of Thailand. The market has 114 floating shops where vendors sell their products from the boat. You can find authentic Thai cuisine, fruit stalls, souvenir shops & also art galleries.’

Pattaya Floating market 1

If you wish to experience the floating market, you can hire a boat & explore the richness of the surrounding Thai architecture and riverside life. Apart from shops& stalls the market also offers educational & entertaining attractions like the wood carving museum, cultural performances etc.


One of the most popular day trip destination of Pattaya. It is an archipelago offering various sea adventurous activities like Para sailing, Banana Boat rides, Jet Ski & much more.  The main attraction of the place is scuba diving where one can explore the marine life, watch the fishes, feed them bread & they will nibble it off, watch the beautiful corals scattered in the ocean & have fun in the turquoise waters of the coral islands.View of Coral Island

Coral Island – Travstore tours

Also called as an “Interactive Art Museum” which comprises of artwork displayed in cleverly fashion.  Most of the paintings give a 3D effect which is quite convincing as they are painted onto a flat wall. The paintings trick your eyes into seeing the objects appearing to set out of the frame & pouncing on you.

It’s a fun place especially for kids as they can view the elephants, sharks, fish swimming out of the portrait onto them giving a realistic picture view.

Enjoy the best creativity at Art in Paradise
Art in Paradise
Art in Paradise 4
Art in Paradise

It is the first Magic theatre of Thailand that presents world standard magic shows. Of course, loved by kids but even adults would enjoy the performance by Mr. Tuxedo.  He brings astonishing tricks & illusion on the plate that you will be completely overwhelmed by the end of the show.

Tuxedo Magic Theater 1

Tuxedo Magic Theater 2


If you had the desire to swim with the dolphins, then head straight to the oasis sea world as soon as you arrive in Pattaya. It is a large park with two distinctive dolphin pools. One is for the amazing dolphin shows organized where the beautiful mammals perform various tricks & dance to entertain you.

Oasis Sea World 3

The other pool is mean to swim with the Dolphins. Travestore offers packages that offer guided tour of the park followed by swim with the dolphins.

Oasis Sea World 5

Oasis Sea World 62


As the name says, Khao Kheow is an open zoo technically located between Bangkok & Pattaya. It is a large park set on a 2000 acres of jungle & forest cover, home to around 800 animals & 300 species.

You can view various animals like tigers, lions, monkeys, rhinos, emus etc. Unlike any other safari you can get the opportunity to feed the animals. The most fun & entertaining animal to feed is the Giraffe, they will swirl the food from your hand with their absurdly long & articulated tongue.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo 1

Some other attraction of the zoo are the night safari where you can view the animals in their nocturnal activities, an Elephant trekking area where you can take a ride on the magnificent backs & a Wild Khao Kheow program where, in addition to great photo shoots with an array of exotic animals, one gets some insights as to their lifestyles, habitats, and what we can do to protect them for future generations.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo 3

Khao Kheow Open Zoo 2Khao Kheow Open Zoo 4


You may think what a kid will do at the vineyard. It’s the place for adults.  Well, they do organize wine tours & tasting session but have included activities like elephant or horse drawn carriages, ATV’s, Boating etc. making it attractive for families.

Silverlake vineyard 1

Silverlake vineyard 3

Silverlake is a family picnic place where one can sit around the reservoir, enjoy the grape farms, the sunset & the natural beauty of the location. If this is not enough you can enjoy the café & purchase some in-house products like the grape jams, grape juices & raisins as well.

Silverlake vineyard 2


Pattaya Elephant Village is an elephant sanctuary that adopts sick and injured elephants. However, these animals are trained to entertain the tourist. The elephants play basketball, small roll logs, some stand on their hind legs etc.


Tourists also enjoy the scenic rides on the trained elephants & take the tour of the rural village. The elephants ride through the river, main roadway etc. It’s a great opportunity for kids to have a close encounter with these giant animals.



It is known as the Tiger Zoo which is home to more than 200 Bengal Tigers. The zoo gives you the opportunity to get close & personal with the ferocious beasts. You can hold the tiger & get the picture clicked with them or feed milk to the cute little cubs.

Due to the zoo’s unique feeding program, you can witness tigers and pigs hanging out together. In fact you might even see some of the mother pigs feeding tiger cubs alongside her own piglets.

Apart from the Tigers, there are many activities organized like the Pig Racing show, Crocodile show, Tiger show where you can see the tiger’s dance, walk & jump through the hoops & the elephant show.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo 1

Sriracha Tiger Zoo
Sriracha Tiger Zoo

This is definitely an entertaining zoo built for the kids.

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