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Things to do in Bangkok while travelling with Kids

Bangkok can be hot, crowded, heavily trafficked and just about everything that a parent might not want when dealing with their kids on vacation. Although being with kids in Bangkok can be quite challenging there are a variety of activities offered for the little tots in the city. Here is a list of activities suggested by Travestore to make your Bangkok trip kid friendly.


Safari world is a drive in zoological park divided into two parts. The first part is the Safari park having open zoo with wild animals & the second part is the Marine Park where there are a variety of marine animals along with shows of trained dolphins, seals, elephants, birds & apes.

It is advisable to visit the safari park a little early in the morning as you get a chance to view the Tigers & Lion being fed from a car with a cage.

Watch Feeding the Lions

Once you are inside the perimeters of the safari, you can see enormous number of animals like zebra’s, rhinos, giraffes, birds etc. The amazing part of the safari is that you can choose to feed bananas to these friendly giraffes.

Once done with the Safari park, you can walk into the Marine park which has its resemblance to a traditional zoo but merged into a giant theme park. There are around 7 shows conducted every day & you can check the timetable while entering. Some of the popular shows loved by all are the dolphin show, elephant show & the controversial orangutan thai boxing show. Other shows set in huge amphitheaters include a bird, sea lion etc.

The dolphin show

The elephant show

Safari world is a big favorite of families and kids, Thais and tourists alike. A great way to spend the day away from the city and share with the kids the rare pleasure of getting really close to animals in the wild.


Dream World Bangkok is a theme park that is meant to be like a mini Disneyland offering little children fantasies to become realities. They can sleigh or make snow angels in Sonwland, ride roll-a-coaster up the Space Mountain or meet Cinderella & Panchontas all in one day.

dream-world 1

Some of the most exciting rides are the Roll-a-coaster, Viking ship, Sky Coaster that twists and rolls as passenger’s feet dangle freely from their securely harnessed seat and Super Splash, which is sure to give riders a refreshing shower whether they want it or not.

Thrilling adventurous ride

Also the park organizes various animal & stunt shows which is fairly entertaining. The highlight of this place is the Parade which takes place in the afternoon & should not be missed. A visit to Dream World is an exciting day out for children, and with enough to keep the teens and adults entertained you can guarantee it will memorable holiday highlight for everyone.


If you are in Bangkok & missing the cold chills, Snow town is the place to be. Located in Ekkamai shopping mall, it provides a room full of snow & restaurants to dine in.

Welcome to Snow Town

The interesting arena is the artificial snow pumping machine which is pumping out fresh snow & forming little hills for the children to climb & slide down. To experience snow falling from the roof keep a check on the timings, the snow rainfall generally happens 4 times a day.

Sliding on snow at snow town

The most exciting part for a kid or even an adult is the snow ball fights with one another, roll on the snow & build the cute little snowman.

Well, for a kid this is one of the cutest & a fun place to be at. Rest can enjoy the restaurants & have a view of their kids playing in the snow.


Recently inaugurated for 10 months, chances are it would move to Pattaya by Jan 2017. As the name suggest, it’s is a 1500 sqm themepark having around six-eight attractions & a huge volcano in the middle of the park.

Entry to the dinosaur park

The first attraction is named as “Dinosaur District”, a place where you get to learn about dinosaurs, explore the skeletons of various species & watch dinosaurs egg hatch at the Dino Lab.

The second is “Stars of Dino” where one can travel back in time & experience the three historic periods of the dinosaur  – “Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous”

dinosaur structures displayed

Dinosaur planet has huge gigantic size dinosaurs structures

The third attraction is “Dino Eye”, very unique of its kind. On a giant wheel capsule, guests can enter a building where dinosaurs of different eras would be displayed.


Fourth comes the “4D Deep World” which plans to open in the month of May offering a 4D simulator experience.

The next ride is “The Great Volcano and the Extinction Live Show” where through the use of technology one can view the volcanic erupt in the prehistoric world & learn about the dinosaurs’ attempt to survive “The Extinction.”

Next is “The Dino Farm” & here the guests will be able to ride on the dinosaurs back, as you might have seen in Jurrasic park. This is fun & entertaining space for the kids.

And finally the last area is “Dino Square” where consumer can purchase loads of Dinosaur merchandise.


It is one of the largest aquarium theme park located at Siam Paragon Shopping mall having seven different theme zones. A family package would cost around 3000 baht which includes 2 adults & 2 kids.

Posing with the sharks

Once you walk in the aquarium, you will find almost 30000 odd species of marine animals which brings amazing experience for visitors

In Zone 1 you will see all sort of weird & wonderful creatures such as king crabs & rare species like Coconut Octopus & Leaf Scorpions

As you move further to zone 2 you will see a plethora of marine animals & massive coral reef depicting a beautiful marine life within the city

Zone 3 is a fun Glass Bottom Boat ride of 5-10minutes where you can spot some amazing fishes, sharks, manta rays etc just right below the bottom of your feet through the glass bottom. The interesting part is you can actually buy a cup of shrimps to feed the fishes

Zone 4 offers a view of the tropical world where you can see animals like “Giant Water Rat”, Poison Spiders, Golden Snakes etc . Quite ironic to the tropical world you can spot Penguins as well.

Zone 5 would give an opportunity to treat your feet – “Happy Fish, Happy Feet”. Here you can simply put your feet in cold water & small fishes will nibble of your dead skin thus resorting to natural fishy spa.

As you move ahead to zone 6, you can watch the “Shark Feeding Show” taking place between 1-4pm. This zone has a 270 degree tunnel where you can view marine animals like shark, sting rays & other sea creatures.

Aquarium having sharks, mantarays & much more marine animals

Zone 7 is the place for cute jelly fishes in the color changing light tank which makes them look stunning & pretty.


Kidzania Bangkok is one of the largest indoor kid zone offering 50 unique experiences to kids. Even if you were to spend an entire day, I am sure it’s difficult to cover even half of it. It’s a theme park without thrilling rides but loads of experience base games for kids specifically 4-14 years of age.

The most famous of the games are being a fireman where kids are taught about safety issues & how to control fire etc. It’s a live kinda experience where kids can become fireman & sprinkle water themselves.

Kids acting as fireman at kidzania

There is a petrol station unit where kids can wash cars & fill up tanks of the cars. Its quite entertaining as sometimes kids end up in soap, lather & water.

Also you can become a chef at Mac Donalds where kids can create burgers of their & also have one.

Another popular activity is the Coke Bottling plant where kids can bring one of their coke bottles home.


Some more activities include being a surgeon, dentist, a pilot, a secret detective, being a builder etc & the list can go on & on.

Kid flying a plane at kidzania

To sum up its not only the kids that enjoy but you too would want to become a kid again


While most of us can only dream of flying a plane let alone a massive Boeing 737 would be the ultimate experience. The simulator boasts a 99% resemblance to an actual flight cockpit with working instruments, actual flight sounds and visuals.

Flying A BOEING737

It’s not only the children but also adults who would want to experience their skills on the take offs & landings, sector flights from one city to another or fly around London bridge or Sydeny Opera House.

After almost 30 min’s of pure fun flying experience, you can choose to fly into any airport in the world. In fact, there are over 24,000 airports in the database to choose from.

At the end of it all, you get to take pictures in a pilot’s uniform in the cockpit and if you want more you can video your flight experience for memories.

  1. Madame Tussauds

As you all know this is most famous wax museum that has famous people wax statues from around the world. Here there are 9 different zones such as Leaders, History, Sports, Arts & Science & much more.

Some of the interesting idols to view are

Diana, Princess of Wales, Barack Obama, Leonardo Di Caprio, Lady Gaga, Our most famous leader – Mahatma Gandhi etc

Madam Tussauds
Madam Tussauds

You can pose with them & take some awesome pictures with the celebrities you love.


One of the exciting attractions is “The Rink”, an ice skating destination for kids right in the middle of the shopping mall. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, there is place for everyone.

Skating at central world

There are free play sessions held during the weekday & also on the weekends. You can also play ice hockey or take professional coaching in the skating school.

One good feature of the place is that there are “practice penguins” available for kids to help them balance & feel supported.


Last but not the least, Siam park city is one of the biggest Thailand theme amusement & water park far from the main city.

Siam Park City

The park consists of 4 zones

  • Water park which has loads of slides, wave pool & even a spa to replenish.
  • X Zone offers thrilling rides like looping rollercoaster’s, giant drop, condor, reverse rollercoaster named Boomerang.
  • Family world which offers rides for all age group. You can have panoramic view of the park or go on a Jurassic trail. There are numerous ride quite suitable for kids.
  • Fantasy world which offers a pirate ship ride with a dragon theme.



Siam Park City

These are Travestore’s recommendation for families who want to have an exciting vacation in Bangkok.  Have an adventurous trip!!

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