Thailand’s Songkran Festival – The Biggest Water Fight in the World

Songkrans is Thailands traditionally driven new  year festival, embraced enthusiastically by the locals & foreigners alike. The festival is usually held for three days between 13 -15 April marking the beginning of the new solar calendar, street parades, family gathering, house cleaning, religious rituals & loads of water splashes…


There are local tours specially designed  to enjoy the thrills of the water fights at the same time enjoy the traditions & cultures of the Thailand citizens.  The three day tour of Songkran embarks the enthusiasm & celebrations of the Thai people through their super soak water pistols, water balloons & water cannons being fired at you.


Traditionally, scented water was poured over statues of Buddha for good luck. This water was then saved and gently sprinkled onto loved ones as a blessing. Eventually through time, honored and holy tradition has morphed into filling giant super-soakers full of dirty moat water and blasting it into the faces of complete strangers!


The best place to enjoy this festival is to be in the northern city of Chiang Mai where families fill up their buckets with ice cold water, pick up trucks & tuk tuks carrying gallons of water  to throw on one another.


You may be invited by the elephants, who would be pouring & splashing water on you making the event more memorable.


In addition to the roaming hoards of water soldiers, you’ll also find stages and tents sponsored by local and international companies spraying water from hoses onto the crowd.

You will also find  a parade taking place at Chiangmai comprising of Buddha images & attendants on float, which are accompanied by minstrels and the town’s people.


Large machines sporadically spew mountains of bubbles into the street creating an impromptu foam party. There are also buckets set up around town as “refilling” stations where you can refill your weapon of choice!


The best part about it is that everyone is celebrating – locals and tourists of all ages! The atmosphere is amazing! It’s as if everyone is reliving their childhood and having the best time- not one frown around! Luckily it’s the hottest time of the year too so its nice to cool off a bit getting shot at with ice cold water!


Well, this may seem very ecstatic, Travestore offers some tips to keep in mind while being a part of the festival

  1. Invest in a good water gun. There are many types of guns available – themed, colorful etc You have a plethora of options & choose the one that you like
  2. Don’t wear white clothes
  3. Keep your valuables in waterproof pouch
  4. Protect yourself from the sun, by wearing goggles that make you look good & protects your peepers
  5. Make friends with the local. There is no best way to celebrate the national festival than with the locals.

So next time you want to ward of the summer heat along with holidaying at the Thailand, you know where to be.

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