Responsible Tourism

[vc_column_text]Some of the steps Travstore has adopted for building sustainable tourism.


  • To minimize the environmental impact created by tourists, Travstore educate clients about the impact of their actions on the environment. When visiting national parks, Travstore makes sure all the waste is collected & disposed of causing zero harm to nature. We make sure that our guests take only photographs and leave only footprints.
  • We encourage carpooling among our guests, doing our little bit in reducing the carbon footprint
  • We educate our guests about preserving biodiversity of the region, not littering in public places
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  • Mae-Kampong Tea-leaves Pillow Group

Mae-Kampong is a small Hamlet located near Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. The village is yet to see the light of development. The locals grew a special type of tea called as Bai-Miang which is an important part of their diet. Certain groups extract tea leaves and fill into pillows for sale. The group braids many types of pillowcases, then packs these with dried tea-leaves that reduce moisture; for avoiding fungus. The last step is to pack tea leaf pillows in plastic bags to prevent dampening. Tea-leaves pillows help resist bacteria, balance body, absorb bad smell. Moreover, the tea scent relieves tension, increases relaxation and reduces allergies.

Travstore procures Herbal Tea Pillows from locals and gifts these pillows to our guests as a souvenir, which will remind them of the amazing time they had in Thailand.[/vc_column_text]