Madonna – From ‘Like a Virgin’ to ‘The Rebel Heart’ a captivating journey.

         Let the gates be open, let the hearts be full of harmony and prepare thy ears for The Queen of Pop. Yes! The Madonna concert is happening. And as a part of her Rebel Heart Tour, the famous celebrity singer is going to enchant the people of Thailand. What’s interesting? The organizers had to schedule a second performance as tickets for the first one were sold out within hours. The two performances are scheduled for February 9 and 10 at The Impact Arena, Bangkok.

Live in concert - The Rebel Heart Tour
Live in concert – The Rebel Heart Tour

The tour started by the pop star in Montreal, Canada will be the singers 10th world tour. The tour got an overwhelming response in both New York and Montreal wherein, the concerts were running sold-out.madonnas-35-city-rebel-heart-tou

The singer from Michigan, has given great hits like Material Girl, Angel, Into the Groove, Holiday and many more. Her songs have topped Billboard Charts within days of their release on numerous occasions. As per Billboard, the singer is going to cover cities which she has never done before.

Young Madonna, 1979 | This image was taken by her then boyfriend and fellow band-member Dan Gilroy

Madonna started her musical journey in the rock band The Breakfast Club with her then-lover musician Dan Gilroy back around 1979. As a part of the band, she sang and played the drums and guitar. Between the early 1980’s she left the band and formed another band called Emmy with her ex-boyfriend Stephen Bray. The two worked together for a while until she decided to go solo. She signed her first deal with Sire Records. Her initial two singles, gathered extreme popularity in the Night clubs of the 80’s America. Henceforth, there was no looking back. Today, she carries a total of 13 studio albums and numerous compilation albums, soundtrack albums, live albums, extended plays, remix albums and box sets in her kitty.


Madonna made breaking news in her debut album itself. The album was named Madonna, after the singer herself and was released in 1983 after reference by DJ Mark Kamins whom she pursued to play her song. When he saw how much people enjoyed dancing to it, he decided to get her a deal. It is funny that she was offered her first deal by impressing Seymour Stein in the hospital where he was being treated. The album was primarily inspired by the 80’s rock and pop and disco culture.

Album cover - Madonna by Madonna (1983)
Album cover – Madonna by Madonna (1983)

She even performed gigs in New York City and London clubs to promote the album. The album was received well by both the masses and the critics. Moreover, it appeared bagged number 8 on the Billboard 200. This was a fairly commendable achievement for a singer who had just arrived with a debut album. She stole hearts in a go.

Album Cover - Like A Virgin
Album Cover – Like A Virgin



Like a Virgin
Like a Virgin

She now became a common household name. The album garnered approximately 10,000,000 sales throughout the world out of which 5,000,000 were in the United States itself. During the 80’s she received two other albums, soaring higher with each.

Some of the most popular songs during this decade included Material Girl, Like a Virgin, Borderline, Into the Groove and Holiday.

Erotica - 1992
Erotica – 1992




The 90’s brought more success and more music. She became the solo artist for the best selling compilation with the release of The Immaculate Collection. Famous songs include I’m Breathless, Rain, Oh Father, Erotica among others for the decade.


The 21st news_4mvid04Century saw her keeping up with rock and roll through numbers like ‘Hung Up’, ‘Die Another Day’, ‘Four Minutes’, and ‘Don’t Tell Me’. Not only did the Queen of Pop charm her way through the Americans, she also holds high regard and great reputation among-st the British, quite evident as she is considered the most certified artist owing to the 45 awards in her kitty.

Her style of music can be termed as re-inventing. It is often a result of focus on different aspects of personality while being constantly experimental with it. Over time, she has gathered much experience in song writing and developed the skill, learning from her personal experiences since her early days in The Breakfast Club. Many people also say that her lyrics are in itself so empowering, even without the music. Also, her music boasts of varied themes. Moreover, her style of music has also seen variety with her including classical pieces in her work and transforming them into chart-busting pop numbers. Apart from drums and the guitar, her versatility includes instruments like the cowbell and the synthesizer as well.


     Speaking of Rebel Heart, this 13th studio album of the popstar was conceived throughout 2014. Including inputs by artists like Diplo, Kanye and Avicii, it was released in March 2015. There is use of various genres such as reggae, house, gospel choir and even trap. It is known for the singer to be representing her alter egos in the album- one romantic while the other being rebellious. Many call it her best and the most awaited album of the decade.

The Rebel Heart Tour
The Rebel Heart Tour

Artists like Mike Tyson, Nas, Chance the Rapper and Nicki Minaj also appear in the album. Story of the album also calls for much drama which led to an Israeli man being arrested for content leaks. It garnered much promotion via social media wherein a series of memes gathered wide attention. Some of the songs are narratives of her love-affairs in the past, cleverly molded around catchy lyrics and an unforgettable melody. Moreover, 3 of the songs take you back to the previous albums, and then coming from them- representing she has successfully outgrown her past in her personal life.


When the songs start getting heavy and deep, that is where the other artists come-20150302-pictures-madonna-rebel-heart-promo-mert-alas1 bringing their own style and uniqueness and taking you away to a whole new world. Such is the beauty. It is like a rich chocolate cake but with a fruity and refreshing topping just to add that extra element of fun and bounce. The best tracks include Holy Water, Ghosttown, Unapologetic Bitch amongst others. Peaking at the second position in the U.S. Billboard 200, the album has so far received positive reviews throughout the world and is going strong.

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