Honeymoon destinations in thailand

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017

Here is a list of top honeymoon destinations in Thailand for 2017. Spend quality time with your loved one at these perfectly scenic destinations in Thailand.

These destinations in Thailand has the perfect match of scenic beauty, solitude, hustle and bustle, luxury and nature to offer. This makes it just the top destination for your honeymoons! To all you couples out there, who want to spend this special time together well, here is where all and how all you can make the best of it. We’ve done all the research, so here is taking you to some of the top honeymoon destinations in Thailand 2017, what you can do there, places to stay at, specialities they are known for and much more.


Khao Lak

Why Khao Lak?

Khao Lak, right off the coast of Phuket has now emerged into a popular tourist destination. Its combination of tropical sanded beaches and a thick rainforest line make it unique. What makes it perfect for your honeymoon is best is that it has multiple inexpensive yet great Hotels which will make your experience great.  Their water villas are to die for.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017, Khao lak
Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017 – Khao lak

Which is the best beach?

Your best bet would be the Khao Lak beach. Even though this is a relatively shorter coastline, it is the perfect peaceful spot to be in. It is nestled beneath the mountains, and faces the sea giving you the best of both worlds. With some nice resorts, even a stay here is possible.

Some More To Do?

The national parks of Khao Lak are nothing short of beauties. The Khao Suk National Park for example is situated between dense rain forests, limestone mountains, deep valleys and breathtaking lakes! It offers activities ranging from elephant and jungle trekking to canoeing. With Flora, Fauna and guided tours – this is where nature meets adventure. Also very well known is the Phang Nga national park. With vertical cliffs, hidden caves and the beautiful bay, it is scenic indeed. You can explore the whole park kayaking, and we suggest you do it early morning before it gets jam packed!

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017 - Phang Nga National Park, Khao Lak
Phang Nga National Park, Khao Lak

Activities To Keep You Engaged!

If you are here, you must not miss the Simian Island Tour! Often listed in the 10 best beaches and diving sites in Asia – the 9 uninhabited islands at Simian offer the most scenic locations in Thailand. Be it the corals, the aquatic life, the mind blowing views, the crystal clear waters – this is the dream vacation spot come true. Another interesting attraction is the James Bond Island! This is the famous site of the 1974 James Bond Film “The Man with the Golden Gun”.  There are exciting all day excursions that take around 7 hours.  Tourists come here not just for the legendary movie history it has, but also for the spectacular sight of cliffs rising from the water.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017 - Khao Lak, Simian Island Tour
Corals and Aquatic life in Simian Island

Some properties to choose from?

What good is a vacation if you end up picking a bad hotel? Don’t worry – we are here to guide you on where you can stay in Khao Lak! Lucky for you, there is a recommended JW Marriott property in the destination. This resort come Spa has a beachfront location and superior amenities. A short drive away from Phuket, and making all Phang Nga attractions easily accessible – this is the perfect 5 star experience for you to choose.

Another option is – the —. With a certificate of excellence and top notch facilities, this is another Khao Lak favourite. There are tennis courts and other activities to keep you busy. This too, offers a beach front, pools, a fitness centre for your health freaks and a multiplicity of rooms to choose from!

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017 - JW marriot Hotel, Khao Lak
JW Marriot, Khao Lak

How you reach this perfect destination?

Your primary point of connection will be the Phuket International Airport. The drive will take you around 55 minutes using Highway 402 and connecting with Highway 4 just off the island. You must remember to keep left all along, and there are enough signs in English which will help you find your way. You will get enough vehicles from the airport for this transfer.

A Detailed Itinerary for Khao Lak


Koh Lanta

What Makes Koh Lanta Special!

Away from the touristy crowd, Koh Lanta is special to say the least. It has retained its natural being in the true sense of the word and is far from the corporate jungle like feel. The warm weather and easy going inhabitants give it a rustic charm like no other Thai destination. It has several affordable pool bungalows across its beaches to offer you a great stay. It is calm and serene, with enough for you to do! What could be better for a honeymoon?

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017 - Kho Lanta
Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017 – Kho Lanta

Sun and Sand

It has plenty of beaches to offer, but the most recommended one for couples is the Phra Ae Beach (Long Beach). With a coastline that extends 4 kilometres, it is never hard to find some peace and quiet. You can find your own secluded area! There are several options to stay on this beachfront as well. It’s your best choice for a long romantic walk, or a dip in the warm water.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017- Phra Ae Beach, Koh Lanta
Phra Ae Beach, Koh Lanta

Must Visits & Must Do’s!

Lucky for you amateurs, the Ko Haa Island is the best place for first timers to experience a dip. It has great visibility, and is not too deep either. Nestled at the edge of the island is a three chambered cave called ‘the cathedral’ is the highlight of this dive.

Hin Daeng is an underwater peak and is considered as the second best diving site in Thailand, and you are lucky to be near it! Go with your partner and experience some of the best diving of the world if you are an adventurous couple!

Another great attraction is the Mu Koh Lanta National Park which spreads across the mainland and a couple of islets of Koh Lanta. There is a rainforest tour of the whole national park which helps you explore it well! The walking can be quite strenuous so make sure you have your walking gear on.

If you love nature – then this is what you 2 can do together! Camp at the Ko Rok Nok Island and remember to take prior permission. Keep in mind that Ko Rok Nok along with Ko Rok Noi and Ko Talabeng are the base to various kayaking expeditions around the elegant limestone cliffs that stand along the coast.

A day tour to the Phi Phi islands is a must! Enjoy snorkeling, swimming and the white sandy beaches at the Phi Phi Archipelago with your better half. You can witness the breath taking landscapes with the dramatic limestone cliffs here.

If you want to experience some of the best beach and water, then hit the Koh Rok Island. There is a full day boat tour which you must not miss! This tour will include your transfers, as well as snorkeling which you must not miss at any cost.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017 - Mu Koh Lanta National Park
Mu Koh Lanta National Park

Here’s Where You Can Bunk

When you’re on your honeymoon, you do want the perfect romantic resort. We have a few options for you to choose from.

The Pimplai Resort: On the beachfront of the Andaman sea, with multiple pools, spas, dining facilities – it is a resort where you will be pampered to the utmost. Apart from regular facilities, Pimplai goes a step ahead and plans multiple activities to keep you busy such as a Lanta shopping tour, Thai cooking classes, Elephant treks and safaris and much more. All in all, Pimplaioffers you the best of the best.

Reaching Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is a fairly easy to reach destination! We shall guide you on how.

By Boat: Koh Lanta can be reached from Phuket Town where ferries run direct every day. you can also get a direct ferry from the pier at Noppharat Thara Beach.

By Mini-Bus: Mini-vans run every hour from the center of Krabi Town to Koh Lanta.  Service starts at 7am and finishes at 5pm.

Private Arrangements: Private taxis and mini-vans can be rented to make it easier as they work according to your own convenience.

The Perfect Plan


Koh Chang

Honeymoon? Koh Chang!

Perfectly located, close to Bangkok and Pattaya yet away from all the noise, Koh Chang is made for honeymooners. This low key destination with its white sands and lush green jungles, Koh Chang is a patch of paradise. There is a lot to do during the day, and exotic resorts, bars and eateries to tickle your taste buds!

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017 - Koh Chang
Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017 – Koh Chang

Hit The Beach

The lonely beach is the most famous beach here. Well, don’t go by its name because this beach is not lonely at all. This will probably be your best experience, where you can meet travelers and bag packers – and party the night away! Looking to get a tattoo with your loved one? You have plenty of options to do that here as well! It has a friendly atmosphere, with lots of accommodation options, and loads of eateries and bars. This lively beach is worth a visit for sure.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017 - Koh Chang
Lonely Beach, Koh Chang

Where To Go & What To Do?

 Koh Chang has a lot to offer, in terms of where you can go and what you can do!

 Koh Chang’s first paintball arena, Splat-Fields, is located in Dan Khao, about 100 meters from the Centerpoint ferry pier. If you don’t mind a little bit of war on your honeymoon, go ahead!

It  is also home to some of the best coral reefs, hence making water activities an inseparable part of the trip. Koh Chang and Koh Kood, are excellent spots to dive. Snorkeling on other small islands off Koh Chang like Koh Kham, Koh Rayang, Koh Wai and Koh Laoya are also worth checking out. There will also be proper scuba diving opportunities! These experiences under-water are surreal to say the least.

Ideal for hiking due to its mountainous geography, Koh Chang has some of the best hiking routes in the southern part of the island. Don’t miss these forest rails.

Also, the waters of Koh Chang are relatively calm. You can rent a Kayak and explore the coastline and hidden stretches of the beaches as well.

You must have dinner at a beach front restaurant as most of them will be offering fresh catch of the day! There will also be fire performers here, and we promise you that those will be an entertaining set of acts!

Visiting Koh Chang waterfalls makes a nice break from the beach, with the main one at Klong Plu, the northern end of Klong Prao Beach.

The 4 islands day tour of the Koh Chang Island is the most popularand reasonably priced for a day out on the water.From jungle covered mountain peaks to sweeping bays, gushing waterfalls to flourishing coral reefs, from beach huts to garishly painted boats in different sizes – it is simply a breathtaking. All this definitely makes it an experience you cannot miss. This will also include snorkelling and scuba diving – a set of surreal experiences.

Your Stay

Here are some options to stay at Koh Chang! These highly recommended hotels shall provide you with multiple room options, private villas, global cuisine, spas and wellness centres, beach fronts and more! Check them all out.

  1. The Emerald Cove
  2. Kacha
  3. KC Grande Resort & Spa
  4. The Aiyapura
Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017 - The emerald cove, Koh Chang
The emerald cove, Koh Chang

Make It To Koh Chang

Koh Chang is very close to Bangkok & Pattaya, hence reaching here will be no issue at all. There are ferry, mini bus & personal taxi transfers from both these tourist hot spots.

Want To Plan It Out?


Hua Hin

 The Perfect Mix

Hua Hin is Thailand’s oldest beach resort area, and has a rustic old world charm. At the same time, it is also extremely upbeat and cosmopolitan in a lot of its ways. This combination gives you the best of both worlds! Rich in culture in terms of both history and religion, Hua Hin flaunts a huge collection of mythical and well kept secrets that visualise the centuries of history engraved in the country. The forgotten temples, polished havelis and Thai’s signature natural landscapes will keep you engaged in your breaks from relapse.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017 - Hua Hin
Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017 – Hua Hin

The Waves Are Calling

 The Hua Hin beach is an extremely lively place to go to, especially during Sun Set. There are lines of beach front restaurants here, and its a lively place for a long romantic walk with your better half.

Also well known is the Khao Takiab or Chopstick Hill which lies just 7 kilometres to the south of Hua Hin. It is a long white sandy stretch – a popular tourist destination! It is very well known for its monkey point where scores of mischievous monkeys can be found.

 Other Places To Visit

The Klai Kangwon form the heart of Hua Hin and is still occupied by the royal family, yet some parts of the place are open to visitors for a quick stroll. The seaside palace of Maruekhathaiyawan palace is the jewel of this place, gaining highest footfall of all the attractions.

The Phraya Nakhon cave is arguably the best mystical landmark of the country that can justify a day of excursion. Its view of a small opening in a cave that illuminates a little patch of land occupied by a traditional Buddhist pantheon is nothing less than a scene from Indiana Jones.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017- Phraya Nakhon Cave, Hua Hin
Phraya Nakhon Cave, Hua Hin

Bored? Here’s what you can do!

Hua Hin won’t give you a chance to get bored. There is tons to do here!

The Phetchaburi temple and palace tour is an action packed day full of multiple activities and destinations! You will have a day full of memories and movement – this tour isn’t one to miss out on. This quaint old city offers you a variety of experiences – from a fresh market with several Thai ingredients, to The WatMahathat Temple and the beautiful Summer Palace of king Rama IV known as Phranakhonkiri along with lunch at the KhaoLuang Caves – it is an interesting mix of things to do indeed!

A Hua Hun city tour is a Thailand essential. From bustling markets, to plentiful seafood and luxury resorts, palaces and more – the city has a whole bunch of interesting activities to offer. On this tour, you will also get a glimpse of two things Thailand is famous for – its silk, and it elephants

Cicada is the favourite non-party weekend hangout, that keeps its visitors engaged for hours around it’s artistic community of stores and gardens. It is divided into four zones mainly selling art products like paintings, sculptures, handicrafts and accessories.

If you are into something slightly more commercial, then go to the Vana Nav water jungle. This water park has a high standard of safety and will ensure you have a terrific time on all the whacky rides and go home safe. Apart from rides, there are also photo booths and massage parlours here.

Pick Your Hotel Right

A few options for stay at Hua Hin which will let you experience it in the best way possible are:

  1. Ibis
  2. Manathai
  3. Amari
  4. Novotel Hua Hin Cha Am Beach Resort & Spa
  5. Imperial Hua Hin Resort
  6. Dusit Thani
  7. Marriot
Imperial Hua Hin Resort
Imperial Hua Hin Resort

Reaching Hua Hin

The central spot of connectivity for the case of Hua Hin is Bangkok. To reach Hua Hin, you can first arrive at Bangkok which has international connectivity, and then reach Hun Hin via air, sea, rail or car – all modes of transport which are easily available! A yatch also leaves from Pattaya.

Here’s It All Chalked Out



Koh Samui

The Favourite Destination

Luxury, combined with utmost relaxation is what Koh Samui consists of. With the ever inviting surf and sand, Koh Samui is a gorgeous location to spend your honeymoon with your better half. The properties you can stay at are exotic and will pamper you on this vacation.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 2017 – Koh Samui

The Beaches

Koh Samui is home to some of the best beaches which offer multiple things for you to do. The Chaweng beach is best known or its night life, and you can party away here. The Lamai beach offers a more peaceful experience. The Bophut beach has the longest coastline for romantic walks with your loved one. For all you sea food lovers out there, the beach front restaurants at Taling Ngam will tickle your taste buds with the best sea food to offer!

Where Else? What Else?

Ang Thong National Marine Park can be reached easily from Koh Samui. This park sets the stage for kayaking, hiking and wild exploring luring marine enthusiasts to Koh Samui for a dive in the emerald waters.

The northern coast of Koh Samui earned its name as the Big Buddha Beach due to the presence of the contemporary Buddhist shires that are built along the coast, the most well-known one having the elegant golden Buddha standing 12 meters tall, surrounded by smaller, gilded Buddhas.

The majestic cascades of Namuang Waterfalls are one of the most prized gems of Koh Samui. A hike through the enormous purple rocks and thick bushes leads you down to a pool with lukewarm water that charms you to take a dip in it.

The Koh Tao & Kho Nang island tour is a must. These are 2 islands which are connected via a beautiful sandy beach. The snorkelling in this region is the most famous, and should not be missed.

If in Koh Samui, the best way to visit the area is via the Samui City Tour. A full day tour will help you see all the places worth seeing around. You will visit the famous grandmother and grandfather rocks, the waterfalls, Bid Buddha and lots more.

Angthong National Marine Park, Koh Samui

Live Here!

These are some of the best hotels which provide a retreat in the true sense of the word. For the best of Koh Samui, take your pick from these hotels:

  1. Le Meridien
  2. Banyan Tree
  3. Chura Samui
  4. W retreat
Banyan Tree, Koh Samui
Banyan Tree, Koh Samui

Get here!

Koh Samui has its own airport which is fairly well connected so you can fly in directly. In case you want to come in from Bangkok or Chiang Mai, there are also air, land and sea connection which can be taken.

Plan It Out –

Spectacular Koh Samui

Sensational Koh Samui


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