Tentative itinerary of the Tour

10.45 – 11.00 hrs  Tour starts with Pick up from your hotel in Phuket (Patong, Karon, Kata)
11.45 – 12.15 hrs – First stop of this tour is Chalong Buddhist temple
12.45 – 13.15 hrs – Experience the fusion of various culture on your second stop at old SinoPortuguese buildings at Thalang Road
13.30 – 14.00 hrs – Taste the delicacies of Thai & Local Phuket with a Jaw dropping panoramic view of the city at your third stop Rung Hill view point
14.30 – 15.00 hrs – Educate yourself about pearl farming on your fourth stop at  Phuket Pearl Factory
15.30 – 16.00 hrs – Shop for your loved ones & yourself on your fifth stop of the tour at Local handicraft & souvenir shop
16.30 – 17.00 hrs – We Drop you back to your hotel after a discovery the true essence of Phuket

Brief History – Phuket

Phuket traditionally has been a port town; it has been a pit stop for many Sea Voyagers.  Merchants travelling across the world used to stop by for replenishing their stock or for some other reason. They carried a lot with them about their culture to Phuket. These merchant coming from different cultures like Chinese, European, Malaysian, Indonesian, etc added some flavor of their home country to Phuket. Some of these traders settled in Phuket.

Phuket was also famous for the employment opportunity it offered through TIN mining.  There is a very violent history surrounding TIN mining in Phuket, which have shaped the current day Phuket. These miners were not only from Thailand but the neighboring countries like China, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar etc. These Miners are present day locals of Phuket, who have given a distinct cultural character to the Phuket.[/vc_column_text]

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Journey from Patong to Chalong Temple

The Journey begins from the touristy Patong and takes you to the real Phuket – The Phuket Town. On your way you would pass through sharply inclined hills, lush green surroundings, cross a few beaches and other water bodies. Experience a town set up in a tropical rainforest habitat.

Our tour allows you to get a glimpse of the city of Phuket, its various neighborhoods as you drive through some of the most scenic roads. Passing through Karon & Kata area you get to witness the lively resort neighborhood, the vibrant street life of Phuket which are embarked by many age old uildings, churches, temples, shopping malls & the Graffiti art.
We take Wiset road & then Patak road for reaching our first stop, you are travelling across Phuket viewing some of the amazing landmark on the way, and you will pass by the place where the Karon Night Market comes alive in the evening.

Here is the list of some of the prominent things you will spot on your way to Chalong area.

  2. Phuket simon Cabaret
  3. Patong Muay Thai Gym
  4. Tropical rainforest
  5. Karon hills, Lake, Beach, Night Market & Karon Temple Market
  6. Wat Suwan Khirikhet
  7. Mr. Coffee
  8. Iscon temple – krishna mandir
  9. Chalong sok Village
  10. Chao fahtawantokrd
  11. Otop dottu

Stop 1: Wat Chalong temple

The first stop is Wat Chalong temple, Wat Chalong is one of the most important Buddhist temple & cultural Centre in Thailand. The temple is dedicated to two monks; Luang Pho Chaemand Luang Pho Chuang, who speared headed a fight against the Chinese rebellion in 1876. You can learn a lot about Buddhism in this temple, the temple complex has many statues most prominent ones are Poh Than Jao Wat, It is located in the westerly old hall of the temple, with two statues of an elderly gentleman called Ta Khee-lek (grandpa Khee-lek), a famous local who won many lotteries after consulting the Poh Than Jao Wat statue. Another statue in this hall is called Nonsi. One of the temple’s halls features a gilt-covered statue of Luang Poh Cham and this busy hall also contains statues of Luang Poh Chuang and Luang Poh Gleum, all ex-abbots of the temple.

The temple is also famous for preserving a splinter of Lord Buddha’s bone and is officially named PhramahathatchediJomthaibarameepragat. It is preserved in the grand pagoda the temple, the pagoda is decorated with wall paintings depicting the Buddha’s life story and also features various Buddha images. We suggest you to spend some quite time in pagoda because most visitors claim to find divine peace here
There is a section in temple where the Fortune teller known as Mor Doo in Thailand will tell you about your fortune. One has to opt to use bamboo sticks to see the future. You would be given a container full of Sticks, you have to shake it & make one stick fall out. There is a number on stick that will relay what your future would be. The future is interpreted by the Mor Doo.[/vc_column_text]

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Journey from Chalong temple to Old Phuket Town

After spending some peaceful time in Wat Chalong temple we are taking you to the streets which had some of the best architectural fusion in the world, Old Phuket town. Your journey from Chalong area to Thalang district would pass through Mangrove forest, where you will come across Mangrove forest & research Centre. Some of the Phuket attractions are located on this way; you will come across Phuket 3D museum. Some of the most prominent landmarks you will come across on the way are

  1. East Land Safari
  2. Phuket snake farm
  3. King power shopping mall
  4. Jor Soo Kong Naka Shrine
  5. HaiLeng Ong Statue (Golden Dragon Monument

Stop 2: Old Phuket Town (SINO-Portuguese)

A must-do in Phuket is a walk in the old part of Phuket City, around Thalang, Dibuk and Krabi roads. This part of Phuket will take you back in history; you will come across Nostalgic European streets flocked with numerous buildings showing a fusion of SINO-Portuguese architecture. The beautiful architecture along these roads will take you back to the charm of a century ago. The architecture is a reflection of European influence on the island. Europeans, including the Portuguese and the British, had been interested in Phuket’s tin wealth since the 16th century.
One of the distinct features of Sino-Portuguese are Shophouses of Phuket; The shop-house was a place for a family to both live and do business, using the front of the building for trading and the remainder, including the upper floor, as a private home. Shop-houses are usually found built in rows, giving rise to the Hokkien Chinese term tiamchoo, meaning a row of shop-houses.

Another type of distinctive architecture is what the Hokkien Chinese calls the angmorlao. It translates literally as “the big house of the red-hairs” – or European Mansion. After amassing wealth from tin mining or as merchants, many Chinese immigrants began building such mansions for their families, featuring a capacious portico, a terrace on the upper floor and a courtyard in the middle.
Some restaurants in the neighborhood here serve unique local Phuket dishes not found in touristy areas of Patong & Karon.[/vc_column_text]

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[vc_column_text]We recommend you to check out these building for their architecture.

  1. Old Post office
  2. Trick Eye Museum
  3. Clock Tower building
  4. Thai-Airways Office
  5. Soi Romannee
  6. Street Graffiti
  7. Art Studious
  8. Typical Phuket sweets & Bread
  9. Ice Kachang
  10. Kanom Jeen Shop
  11. Blue elephant restaurant – Governor ‘s Residence
  12. Thai Hua Museum

Journey from Old Town to Rang Hills

The next part of the city tour is the famous View point of Rang Hills, The journey from the old Phuket town to the Rang Hills takes you to through the serene landscape of the Island. On the way you will come across some of the Islands’ important buildings

  1. Thep Kajornjit Uthit Samakeetham Bureau of Meditation
  2. Phraya Ratsadanu Pradit Mahison Phakdi

Stop 3: Rang Hill view point:

Rang Hill provide an alternative to beaches of Phuket, it offers a pleasant place to cool down in the shade of its pavilions and stately trees. Situated in north western part of the city center this view point gives panoramic view of the city, one can view forest landscape on one side & bustling city on other. Featuring a nicely landscaped park with children’s playground, three restaurants and bars, a fitness park, and a panoramic terrace – built in 2014 – officialising the viewpoint status of Khao Rang’s summit, the place is attractive and offers its visitors a breath of fresh air in the capital of Phuket Island.

Rang Hill also serves up a bit of history with a bronze statue of Phraya Ratsada set in a landscaped garden area surrounded by tall, mature rubber trees.

Lunch in Tung Ka café on top of Rang Hill, Vegetarian| Non-Vegetarian | Jain (Not included in Tour, pay on self)

Our guides would advise you one the Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian & Jain dishes served here, they would also help you with the dishes which would be served in short duration of time.

On Rang Hill we would be taking you to Tung Ka Café for some delicious Local Thai Cuisines, (the meal is not included in tour) a 50 years old establishment is nothing less than a Tourist Icon.  Tunk Ka Cafe is certainly a romantic place, with three separate terraces framed with foliage and large trees, and a nice breeze running through always keeps the place cool. A shady wooden walkway leads from the top of the hill to the restaurant through bushes of bamboos. It was renovated and improved several times in the past years, and obviously they know how to make best use of the surrounding natural elements and lights.

The menu has something to offer to everyone, from Vegetarian to Non-vegetarian food, from coffees to smoothies,   from Thai snacks to main course. Don’t miss the Ice coffee which is the most talked about thing from Tunk Ka café.  The café is suitable for European, Arab, Indian and vegetarian preferring guests.

P.S. – Don’t forget to click amazing pictures[/vc_column_text]

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Stop 4: Visit to Pearl Factory

Phuket is famous for its pearl faming, which the Japanese introduced long back. We take you to the authentic source of Phuket Pearls which adorn crowns of celebrities & Beauty queens of Various Pageants. You get learn the production process of Pearls from oyster to the final product. Also the team here would educate you to identify real from fake. If you like you can pick up an authentic Phuket pearl at a great bargain.[/vc_column_text]


Stop 5: Local Phuket Handicraft & Souvenir shop

Finally time to pick up Souvenirs for folks back home and for your own home!!! We take you to souvenir shop run by local craftsman and these unique local crafts are quite affordable on the wallet. These little souvenirs will continue to be memories of your trip to Phuket years down the line.
If you don’t intend to buy anything, you can well spend your time admiring the local art & craft.

After the day exploring the Phuket island we drop you back to hotel around 16.30 – 17.00 [/vc_column_text]

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