Find your zen at Koh Phangan, the holiday home where Thailand’s famous moonlight parties originated. Unlike the other islands and cities of Thailand, one can find solace at this haven as it is less frequented by tourists.

Koh Phangan is the hippie land of the country, known for its off-the-grid parties that are attended by backpackers and nomadic communities. For those looking for a spot to disconnect from the world to attain peace and tranquility, Koh Phangan is the ultimate go-to. No luxury resort can help you let off the way this picturesque island can.

The beauties of the hidden treasures of the Thai Bay are no secrets to the deep sea diving enthusiasts. Where almost every island of Thailand is suitable for water activities, Koh Phangan particularly is suitable for them as it offers a unique marine landscape optimal for free diving.

Chaloklum which is within the proximity of Haad Khom also has a few diving schools which help you explore the marvels of the marine life in the corals. Snorkeling and scuba diving too are recommended in these emerald waters.

Koh Phangan is hands-down one of the top party destinations of Thailand. Their unique parties, especially the full moon parties attract thousands of tourists from around the whole globe. The Half-Moon party, Black Moon party and Shiva Moon parties are other fun, themed parties that make the whole island buzz with their energy. To add to this, Haad Rin’s expanded beach accommodating bars, shacks and out-of-the-world quality sound systems is the prime arena to experience the vibe of this party hub.

The cuisine at Koh Phangan is the only thing which is still in line with the rest of the country. Street-stalls serving mouthwatering preparations are found at nook and corners of every street and offer extremely pocket-friendly Oriental and Thai dishes.

Foodies must visit the Thong Sala Night Market which regularly experiments with seafood that is sure to stimulate their taste buds. Each food stall puts forward something unique and appetizing. Visitors can maybe even pick-up a tip or two on the secrets of Thai cooking from the chefs who prepare the meals pronto in front of the customers.

Regional art is a speciality in Koh Phangan. Most of these including custom orders and reproductions. Along with being affordable and having steep craftsmanship, these offer rustic and innovative artworks. They also accept and produce custom orders. Hammocks are the prime local- made goods you can find at affordable prices. The extensive range of products found in the markets of Koh Phangan also has some innovative and exclusive souvenirs to take home a memory of the Thai experience.

The vast motley of Thailand’s topography will surprise you as you explore the various beaches, waterfalls, mountains, thick rainforests and chains of coastline. The feeling of getting lost and mesmerized by its beauty will almost feel magical.

Some Highlights

  • Koh Phangan is the centre for finding Buddhist temples and pagodas, Wat Khao Tham being a popular one. The Wat Khao Tham is a place for travellers to practice Buddhist meditation. It is a beautiful sight to observe the calm and simple lifestyle of Buddhist monks. Camouflaged in the green jungles, it offers a scenic view of sunsets from the top of a hill. It offers various kinds of retreats to those seeking peace.
  • If you’ve been partying too hard, Wat Pho is the place to go to relax those sore muscles. It is the ideal stop to treat yourself with some of their special herbal saunas or Thai body massages. It is an oasis of calm, and if the saunas and massages don’t attract you, its quiet and peaceful environment is definitely worth your time. With typical Thai pagoda-type architecture, Wat Pho is worth a visit.
  • This national park occupies most of the Koh Phangan island and is known for its many waterfalls and rock pools formed by the bending of the Than Sadet river into the dense forestland. This national park offers a good hike of 2-3 kilometers, at the end of which you can enjoy a scenic view of the wildlife around you. The Phaeng waterfall is one of the most visited spots, and is a must for all tourists.
  • Haad Khom or bottle beach needs to marketing. Being host to regular moonlight parties on its lovely white sands, it is one of the best beaches of Thailand. The palm fringed shores of the northern part of the island have a blooming coral reef which also makes it a hot spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. Hippies will be spotted reclined over hammocks under the soft sun of this secluded beach.

By Air

It being a tough ride through the waters, Koh Phangan can easily be accessed by air. The closest airport is Koh Samui which has ferries connecting to Koh Phangan every hour. Flights from Bangkok, Phuket and even Singapore, HongKong to Chumphon and Surat Tani are occasionally used by travellers, though this might slightly pinch the pockets of those hardcore travellers.

By Road

Over the years, travellers have discovered some off road, self-made tracks that can reach the mainland through a series of connecting bus rides, and boats. Train rides to the neighboring Surat Thani or Chumphon followed by bus or boat rides can also get you to Koh Phangan easily.

By Water

Long tail boats and passenger ferries from the neighboring hamlets, which take relatively complex routes too are an option where luxurious fast yachts are a slightly pricier alternative.