17 Reasons to Visit Chiang Mai

     They say you are never the same again once you visit the Chiang Mai. Thailand is far more diversify than one can think. And, yet its united by the great Siam culture pertaining in the veins of Thai for centuries now.

    Chiang Mai is one of the several cities in Thailand which served as a capital city to the ruling kingdom. Chiang Mai was capital during the Lanna Kingdom, the fact that Chinag Mai was only accessible through the river or a ride n elephant back until 1920 keeps the historical & cultural fabric of the city intact.

I had visited Thailand earlier but it was always restricted to the Bangkok & few Islands like Phuket, Samui, Koh Lanta & so on. But never got a chance to visit Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai also know as capital of Northern Thailand is a very important Business & Cultural Center, as well the city has lot of offer for tourists & travelers.

It took me not more than couple of Hours to fall in Love with this city. The city is very vibrant & one of the most important cultural center for Buddhists.

Chiang Mai

On basis of my experience of Chiang Mai, I’ve listed down few reason why you should choose Chiang Mai for your Next holiday.

#1 Scenic Beauty

One of the most loved aspects of Chiang Mai is the abundance of nature beautythailand-chiang-mai-landscape-300x200. An glittering ancient city located deep within a lush rain-forest teaming with spectacular waterfalls, exotic animals, and rich ecosystems. Everything from the centuries are well within few kilometers, one can venture out of the ancient city and into the fertile rural countryside where they can become one with Mother Nature, and admire the immensely beautiful backdrop of Northern Thailand.

#2 Historical city

Walls around Chiang Mai
Walls around Chiang Mai

As Chiang Mai was once the capital of the ancient Lanna Kingdom. You would come across the ruins of the great civilization, the ancient city was walled from all side for protection.  Although a lot of the wall has deteriorated over the years, the moat surrounding the wall is still fully intact. Chiang Mai is also located on the Ping River which has made it a historically important location for trade and commerce for many years.

#3 Pocket-Friendly

Chiang Mai being an undiscovered city, is free of exorbitant commercialization of tourist 89943035_bbaf6366c2_ospots. Unlike, other bustling and crowded cities of Thailand, Chiang Mai does not have inflated prices. The cost of living is also lower in the area. Hence, it comes across as a good tourist destination without having to burn a whole in your pocket.

#4 Foodgasm

Food! Still need convincing? Chiang Mai has some of the best food from local cuisines to ce55df_ea5f9fe0939d1183ee8343ea836e9770.jpg_srz_435_290_85_22_0.50_1.20_0cafes run by local artists that serve modern food. What’s more? Chiang Mai is situated close to farms, thereby making availability of fresh food an added bonus. Whether it be the tasty street food or eating along with tribal in their village, the food will vow all your senses. Just be careful, Thai food can be a bit on the spicy side.

Eating options in Chiang Mai
Eating options in Chiang Mai
Roadside cafe - Chiang Mai
Roadside cafe – Chiang Mai

#5 Tribal Experience

Very near to the city there are many tribal villages, take a step back in Thailand’chiang-mai-hilltribe-tour-long-neck-tribess history
by visiting one of the many diverse ethnic hill tribes in Northern Thailand. These tribes have held on to their traditional ways for many generations, you will be fascinated by their lifestyle, their food & cultural. I suggest take a day off & spend some time with the tourist friendly villagers, their warm hospitality will make you fall in love with Thailand all over again.

Tribals around Chiang Mai
Tribals around Chiang Mai
Tree-house Chiang Mai
Tree-house Chiang Mai

#6 Jungle Java

Chiang Mai is surrounded by lush evergreen forest, which is home to many diverse exotic species of Flora & Fauna. If you are an adventure freak just like me, I would suggest go on a trekking & explore the jungle. One can stay for a night in the jungle spending a night in the tent under the sky full of stars. Or the tree house.

Jungles of Chiang Mai
Jungles of Chiang Mai








The jungle has canopy adventures as well, you can zip line from one tree to another over one of the most breathtaking view of jungle, river & waterfalls.

#7 Adventure Activities


If adventure is what you seek, than Chiang Mai is the place for you. You can go for a River rafting, Hiking, Water abseiling, rock climbing, kayaking and zip lining. Chinag Mai is also famous for mountain biking, be it the dirt bike or the bicycle, the jungles of Chinag Mai would never disappoint you. What you waiting for, let the Adrenaline rush begin.

Zip Lining Chiang Mai
Zip Lining Chiang Mai
Cycling in Chiang Mai
Cycling in Chiang Mai

#8 Shoppers Stop

16067838199_cc5c5bb7af_bBangkok may revel in its shopping city reputation. However, Chiang Mai is no less. Get great local handcrafted Thai products at best bargain prices. Looking for the cheapest knock offs? Head to the Night Bazaar and get surprised.

#9 Festival-City

Chiang Mai is host to some of the most picturesque festival in the World. There is Songkran_002aasomething or other happening in the city, but I would suggest plan your vacation around some festival to experience the true beauty of this place. Go for Loi Krathong and and be smitten as the Siamese worship the Water Goddess with banana containers and sky lanterns. Don’t forget to get wet in the water fights of The Songkran festival or bathe in floral fragrances during the Chiang Mai Flower Festival.

Loi Krathong celebration in Chiang mai
Loi Krathong celebration in Chiang mai

#10 Connectivity6659752755_1066719016_b

Travelling to Chinag Mai was a challenge in ancient era, but not anymore. Despite the hilly
area, Chiang Mai is well connected by road, rail and air with almost hourly flights from the capital, Bangkok every day (both domestic and international). Hop on a plane or bus and get going towards the wilderness and its beauty.

measure-806525_960_720#11 Temple Town

Like every Thai city, Chiang Mai has a plethora of religious sites to offer. What attracts most is the temple standing on the mountain top of Doi Suthep, adorned by a beautiful staircase. Other temples boast of crystal Buddha relics, Northern Thai- architecture and interesting stories.

#12 Museum Musing

Chiang Mai has museums depicting both modern and historic art. Visit the museums and art galleries and get lost in the intricacy and detail of art. The museum experience comes across as different and refreshing since most of Thailand has temples. Don’t forget to know about Pig Mouth money.

#13 Animal Lovingthailand-chiang-mai-elephants-with-baby

Hilly and Northern, Chiang Mai is home to some of the most exotic and indigenous species of wildlife. Get a glimpse. Go on night safaris. Ride elephants. Meet the tigers. Let the animal kingdom show its magic.

#14 Weather

The weather is pleasant and nice. November to February bring blue skies with days of low humidity and cooler nights. The rainy season from May to October, brings the forest to life.

#15 Relaxing getaway

Apart from all the adventure & historical sites found in Chiang Mai, the city is also a great

Spa in one of the Luxury Hotel in Chiang Mai
Spa in one of the Luxury Hotel in Chiang Mai

place to relax. Spend the day in a botanical garden watching butterflies dance through the air, melt away your stress while getting a traditional Thai massage, or even take a peaceful trip down the Mae Tang River on a bamboo raft. The Chiang Mai boast with Many hotels where you can relax, rejuvenate &
experience luxury. Spoil yourself with amazing Spas, or go for complete welness.

#16 Traditional Kantoke Dinnerkhantoke_dinner_at_khum_khantoke_41809_deal_large_7

Spare one night to visit this cultural center in Chiang Mai. Be amazed with traditional Thai performance followed by the Thai themed dinner.


Chiang Mai have evolved over the years, and this can be clearly seen here.

#17 People

Perhaps this should be the most evident reason to visit Chiang Mai. The locals are very welcoming & always ready to help. Their hospitality will make you fall in love with Chiang Mai. Weather it be the urban crowd or The Tribal folks they will make sure you had a wonderful stay in Chiang Mai.

Hilltribe Villages | Chiang Mai

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