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10 Things to do in Krabi with Children

Do you plan to have an exotic vacation with your family? Travestore suggests you to explore these ecstatic places in Krabi, Thailand.


Surrounded by 4 Islands, Hong Island & Phi Phi islands, Krabi offers explicit one day tours to the flawless Andaman coastline. You can swim in the crystal clear water & watch the sea bed through your naked eye or grab on your snorkelling equipments & swim with the fishes. You can decide to enjoy the water sports or just unwind on one of that spectacular beach & enjoy the view.  Whatever it is, kids would enjoy the sea rides to the island & hop place to place exploring.

Family beach photograph

  1. ELEPHANT TREKKING                                                                                                                   Around 15 mins from AoNang, there is an elephant trekking camp which would give you & your kids a ride in the natural surroundings.  The elephant trek will take you along a river running through the camp & into the forest. The elephant will take you to the foothills of “Karst Mountains” where you may get a chance to watch different species of birds & monkeys residing there. Whether you are a child or an adult it is a fun trail to explore.
Riding on the elephant
Riding on the elephant
 elephant ride
Elephant Ride

Also known as “Wat Tham Sua”, meaning a form of Buddhism – Vipassana  (meditation) is located near Krabi town in the southern Thailand. It is a meditation centre for the monks but also a place of interest for people who like archaeology or history. The Buddhist monks live in these beautiful caves surrounded by large trees hundreds of years old.

Krabi Tiger Cave 3
Krabi Tiger Cave 3

The most interesting attraction of the temple complex is “The Footprint of Buddha”. All you have to do is climb around 1272 steps to view the footprint plus get a stunning 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside & the Andaman sea.

Buddha statue
The Buddha Temple at Krabi

It is a 50-70mn year old fossil site located halfway between Ao Nang  & Krabi. The Shell Cemetery looks like a collection of broken concrete blocks, put once you have a closer look, it reveals the fascinating past of the place. It’s quite an educative adventure for kids who might have read about fossils in the text book but can catch a glimpse right here.

You will find tiny fossils, snail shells, jelly fish and other fresh water swamps.  It is fun to look & learn at the species died years ago & their remains are preserved naturally by nature.

People standing on the rock

rocky beach sea view

You will also find a small visitor centre where you can buy shell & pearl jewellery for your little one.


If you want to zip from one tree to another in fun yet innovative ways, you need to visit the Krabi Fun park.  The park is one of the new attractions specially designed to create thrilling aerial adventure.

zipline adventure
Zip-lining at Krabi Fun Park

The park has 4 programs graded as Easiest, Easy, Medium & Hard. Kids can opt for the first two grades & people who have high adrenalin rush hard is the grade for you.

There is an assortment of games such as rope bridges, tarzan swings, flying skateboards, a tight rope walk, and giant zip lines that make you hop like a monkey in the jungle. Well this is definitely a fun activity for kids as well as adults.

woman ziplling
Aerial Activities at Krabi Fun Park

Won’t it be exciting to enjoy a hot tub Jacuzzi in the natural settings? Yes you got it right, Emerald pool is a natural hotspring located in Klong Thom district of Thailand.

The hotspring has originated because the water comes from the underground sources heated by volcanic chambers & contains minerals that can help to treat chronic conditions like rheumatism, sciatica & other skin ailments.

swimming in the hot springs
Emerald Pool
Swimming in the Pond
Natural Hot springs of Thailand

It’s fun for kids to swim around, keep warm & take a break from mundane beach settings. In case you would want to explore more you can move ahead to Crystal Pool which is 15mins upstream from emerald pool. However no bathing is allowed as the water is hot & surrounded by quicksand.

swim in natural habitat
Swimming in the natures county – The Emerald Pool

An exciting place for kids who want to vrooooomm their way on 1 Km long track.  There are karts which allow dual control, ideal for riding with children under 12 years of age & there are karts with different power available for adults.  It’s a great way to get your adrenaline pumping & get the feel of driving a sporty vehicle.

Man driving on the go karting circuit

Driving a sportscar on the race track


No doubt that the beauty of railay beach alone is a reason to visit, but in reality travelers come here for some adventure fun. It’s an undisputed rock climbing destination made of giant limestone cliffs offering different routes for beginners & professionals.

a girl learning to climb the rock
Girl learning to climb the rock

It could be tough, you may lose a lot amount of energy or make attempts to catch your breath,  but once you are all set to climb to the top enjoy the experience of rock climbing.

rock climbing adventure
Rock climbing

A trip to the aquarium provides an excellent opportunity for kids, adults to learn more about marine life, conservation etc. The Center’s main objective is to breed endangered species in their own protected saltwater lakes for the purposes of research and conservation.

fishes in the aquarium

There are variety of marine life at the aquarium like the Sharks, Angelfish, Clownfish (Finding Nemo), Bengal sergeant fishes, Turtles & much more. There is no entrance fee to the aquarium, so you are free to wonder about at your leisure. The only drawback is the signage and information is not in English. It would be a good idea to do a little prior research to learn about the different fish and marine life that are indigenous to the region.

visitors watching fishes in the aquarium


Krabi offers a sense of exclusivity and solitude and is the ideal getaway for beach bums. Beaches like Railay beach, Ao Nang beach and Phi Phi Island offer long stretches of pristine sands and crystal clear waters.

Floating islands of thailand
Scenic Beach of Krabi

The best thing to do is soak in the sun & sand against the backdrop of the Andaman sea, make beautiful castles with your little ones, enjoy the photogenic sunsets & the most important thing LAZE around.

Krabi beaches
Pristine beach of krabi

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